General Dentist
Vahe Veziryan
About Dr. Veziryan
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
16 years of work experience
Performed more than 1000 complex aesthetic restorations
Why is it worth making an appointment?
Work experience
Has over 16 years of experience
Wide range of services
In difficult cases for aesthetic and functional restoration, Avanta specialists often resort to a team approach
Complete restoration of the dentition
Even in the most difficult clinical cases, Dr Veziryan finds the optimal solution, and the result is surprising in its naturalness
Detailed treatment plan
During a free consultation, the doctor will advise you on the necessary solutions, applying an individual approach to each clinical case. We offer more than one treatment plan
What services can you apply to doctor Veziryan?
What services can you apply to Dr. Veziryan?
During a free consultation at Avanta the doctor will help you understand which service is right for you.
Aesthetic and functional restoration of the dentition
  • More than 1000 complex clinical cases
  • Detailed consultation
  • Shooting and preparation of preliminary models
  • Preparing a digital smile
  • Restoration of teeth and development of dental canals
  • Making crowns, placing them on your own teeth on implants
Installation of veneers
  • Detailed consultation
  • Shooting and preliminary preparation of models
  • Preparing a digital smile
  • Modeling of veneers / wax up
  • Pre-fitting veneers / mock up
  • Installation of veneers
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