Tatev Stepanyan
About Dr․ Stepanyan
  • Studied at St. Petersburg First State Medical University after I. P. Pavlov

  • 10 years of experience
  • At Avanta, provides a range of services, including contouring, botulinum therapy, hardware rejuvenation, etc.
Why is it worth making an appointment with Dr․ Stepanyan?
  • More than 25,000 patients
    During 10 years, Dr Stepanyan has helped over 25,000 patients from Russia, Dubai, USA, Germany and other countries.
  • 10 years of experience
  • More than 16 international trainings
    Contour plastics, general cosmetology, trichology, meso threads, botulinum toxins.
  • Detailed treatment plan for each patient
    Solving dermatological problems becomes most effective when drawing up an individual treatment plan.
What procedures does Dr․ Tatev Stepanyan perform?
Contour plastic / Fillers
AMD 55,000-130,000
(for 1ml)
Botulinum therapy
from AMD 30,000
from AMD 18,000
Mole removal
from AMD 5,000
Mole diagnostics
AMD 15,000
AMD 32,000-65,000
Hair mesotherapy
AMD 24,000
Scalp laser therapy
AMD 25,000
AMD 85,000
from AMD 40,000
Laser resurfacing
AMD 7,500-200,000
Chemical and hardware peelings
from AMD 15,000
AMD 150,000
AMD 130,000
Morpheus8 / Fractora
from AMD 150,000
Laser removal of vascular stars
1 impulse from AMD 100
Pigment removal
1cm2 AMD 1,000 (minimum AMD 4,000 )
Lip tattoo removal
AMD 25,000
Eyebrow tattoo removal
AMD 25,000
Tattoo removal
1 cm2 AMD 600 (minimum AMD 10,000)
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