Dermatologist, cosmetologist
Gayane Mkrtchyan
About Dr. Gayane Mkrtchyan
More than 20,000 happy patients
10 years of experience
Avanta provides a number of services, including contouring, botulinum therapy, hardware rejuvenation
Why is it worth having a consultation with Dr. Mkrtchyan?
More than 20,000 patients
During 10 years of experience, Dr. Mkrtchyan helped over 20,000 patients from Russia, Dubai, USA, Germany and other countries
10 years of experience
Worked as a cosmetologist and dermatologist
More than 150 international training
Contouring, general cosmetology, trichology, botulinum therapy in Spain, Slovenia, Germany
Detailed treatment plan for each patient
The solution of dermatological problems becomes more effective in the case of thorough treatment.
What procedure Dr. Mkrtchyan performs?
Contour plastic
AMD 55,000-130,000
(1 ml)
Botulinum therapy
from AMD 30,000
from AMD 18,000
AMD 32,000-65,000
Mole removal
from AMD 5,000
Mole diagnostics
AMD 15,000
AMD 85,000
from AMD 40,000
Laser resurfacing
AMD 7,500-200,000
Chemical and hardware peelings
from AMD 15,000
AMD 150,000
AMD 130,000
Morpheus8 / Fractora
from AMD 150,000
Vascular stars removal
1 pulse from AMD 100
Pigment removal
1cm2 AMD 1,000 (minimum cost AMD 4,000)
Lip tattoo removal
AMD 25,000
Eyebrow tattoo removal
AMD 25,000
Tattoo removal
1 cm2 AMD 600 (minimum cost AMD 10,000)
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