Srbuhi Hambardzumyan
Graduated from National Medical University after Pirogov.
2008-2022 periodontist surgeon in clinic “Avanto”, Kiev․
In 2022 joined the Avanta team.
Member of Ukrainian Dental Association
Member of Ukrainian Society of Periodontists
Member of Society of Laser Dentistry of Ukraine
Lecturer in “Dental Space” educational center
Certified Trainer at EMS (Switzerland)
About Dr. Srbui Ambartsumian in numbers
Treated periodontitis 2500+
Treated gingivitis 1500+
Treated implant infections 1000+

International trainings 28+
What problems does Dr. Srbui Ambartsumian solve?

Computer diagnostics of teeth and periodontal tissues
Surgical treatment of periodontitis
Conservative treatment of periodontitis
Splinting of teeth
Training in proper home oral hygiene (selection of funds for each patient)
Professional teeth cleaning
Treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis
Remineralization of teeth
Treatment of stomatitis
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International experience
Continuous international trainings
Free consultation
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Yerevan, M. Heratsi 1/1
Phone: (012) 32 32 32
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