Yulia Gadakchyan

General Dentist
About Dr Gadakchiyan
Studied at Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi.
Passed more than 50 international trainings (Israel, Germany, Russia, France, Spain, etc.)
23 years of experience

Works of Dr Yulia Gadakchiyan
Why to make an appointment with Dr Yulia Gadakchian?
  • Detailed treatment plan
    We can see the result that is close to the final result in digital form
  • You will learn how to properly take care for your teeth
    Following your doctor's recommendations helps to prolong teeth life
  • Therapeutic treatment of any complexity
    Even in the most difficult clinical cases, Dr Gadakchiyan finds the optimal solution, and the result is surprising in its naturalness
  • Usage of the best equipment, including a microscope

    During a free consultation, the doctor guides you to the right decision, approaching each clinical case individually. We offer options for more than one treatment plan
Consultation with Dr Gadakchiyan is free
What services can you apply to Dr Gadakchyan?
During a free consultation at Avanta the doctor will help you understand which service is right for you.
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