Edgar Baghdasaryan
Studied at the St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University.
Completed residency at St. Petersburg State University.
Worked in leading clinics in St. Petersburg.
Installed over 4,000 implants.
In 2019 he joined the Avanta team.
About the doctor in numbers:
Installed implants
International trainings

There is nothing better than a natural tooth, but in cases where a tooth is missing, the best we can do is dental implantation.
The advantages of dental implants:
If you follow all your surgeon's instructions, implants can last a lifetime.
The latest technologies allow safe implantation based on modern capabilities and research.
Requiring oral hygiene, they become a reliable support for life.
Implants are classified as fixed prostheses. By inserting, you forget that the tooth is artificial.
Why do you need to make an appointment with Dr. Edgar Baghdasaryan?
International experience
International trainings
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What problems does Dr. Baghdasaryan solve?
Removal of missing teeth by implantation
Relevant in the absence of one or more teeth.
Restoration of dental function and aesthetics
In addition to aesthetics, a relaxed smile should provide full chewing function.
Bone plastic surgery
Bone loss often occurs due to prolonged missing teeth․ This service allows you to restore it.
The cost of dental implantation starts from AMD132,000
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