General Dentist
Vazgen Asatryan
About the doctor
Graduated from the Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi.
Has 10 years of experience.
Has performed more than 500 complex aesthetic restorations have been performed.
Works of Dr. Asatryan
Hollywood smile
A complete aesthetic restoration of both jaws was performed.

The bite was corrected with pressed ceramic veneers and crowns.

Smile decoration
Aesthetic restoration of 6 upper anterior teeth with ceramic veneers․

Complete restoration
of dentures with discoloration of ceramic veneers and zirconia-based ceramic crowns.

Aesthetic restoration
of an upper denture with ceramic veneers and zirconia-based crowns:

  • Dental implants were placed in the right posterior part of the upper jaw.
  • Preliminary chemical bleaching of the lower teeth was performed.

of upper frontal 3 teeth with ceramic veneers.

Complete aesthetic restoration
of upper and lower prostheses with ceramic veneers, zirconia-based crowns

Complete aesthetic correction
of dentures with ceramic veneers and zirconium dioxide-based coatings

Partial transformation of the smile
Press-ceramic and metal-ceramic crowns were used

A complete smile makeover
Press-ceramic veneers and zircon-ceramic crowns were used.

Complete rehabilitation
Press-ceramic crowns were used.

Why to make an appointment with Dr. Asatryan?
  • Work experience
    10 years of experience
  • Wide range of services
    In complex cases, aesthetic and functional restorations are often performed by Avanta specialists using a team approach.
  • Complete restoration of the prosthesis
    Even in the most difficult clinical cases, Dr. Asatryan finds the optimal solution, and the result is surprising in its naturalness․
  • Detailed treatment plan
    During a free consultation, the doctor directs the necessary decisions, always taking into account the physiological characteristics of the patient.
Consultation with Dr. Asatryan is free
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