General Dentist
Robert Arakelyan
About Dr․ Arakelyan
Graduated from the Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi
Attended about 30 professional trainings
Has performed over 150 complex aesthetic restorations
Works of Dr․ Robert Arakelyan
Why is it worth making an appointment with Dr․ Arakelyan?
  • Radical treatment planning
    We identify health problems at a glance, analyze their full state and offer a radical solution.
  • Wide range of services
    Our clinic is dominated by an interdisciplinary approach to solving any clinical case.
  • Fundamental tooth restoration
    Even in the most difficult clinical cases, Dr Arakelyan finds the optimal solution, and the result is surprising in its naturalness.
  • Detailed treatment plan
    During a free consultation, the doctor guides the necessary decisions, approaching each clinical case individually. We offer options for more than one treatment plan.
Consultation with Dr․ Robert Arakelyan is free
What services can you apply to Dr․ Arakelyan?
During a free consultation at Avanta the doctor will help you understand which service is right for you.
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